As professionals in the publishing industry, we realize the challenges involved in promoting your book.  

How can you, as a publisher or author, help inform people of the value of your book?  How do you ensure your book rises above all the others out there?  One of the best ways to do this is through a third party endorsement. 

All books submitted for review are eligible to be considered for the Literary Classics Seal of Approval program. The Literary Classics Seal of Approval indicates that the book bearing the SOA insignia is worthy of praise and comes recommended by Literary Classics.  

Books endorsed by Literary Classics through our Seal of Approval program, may be affixed with the Seal of Approval label, thereby increasing credibility, recognition, and sales opportunities.  

In an effort to maintain the highest level of credibility in our review process, we do not charge for book reviews.  

Please note, submission of your book for review does not guarantee that your book will be reviewed. If your book is reviewed and receives our Seal of Approval your review may be posted on sites such as GoodReads.com. It is our goal to promote excellence in literature - therefore, we do not post negative reviews. We do however, reserve the right to choose not to review a book which we believe is not deserving of our endorsement.

Free reviews are available only in those categories in which our current load has not exceeded capacity. 

YES - We will accept advance review copies of your book.

YES - Literary Classics is an international program. Accordingly, we gladly accept books from around the globe. Please note, international submissions must be written primarily in English. Books may contain content which is not written in English as long as the text can be understood contextually by an English speaking audience.

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At Literary Classics we understand that true literary treasures will live on for years to come, lighting the way for future generations.  In an effort to promote classic children's and young adult literature our review team and judging committee looks for key literary elements, intertwined with notable creative components, which they believe will positively impact the lives of youth.  Books which ignite imagination and spirit - literature which promotes positive thinking and character building traits - these are the books which can truly make a difference in the lives of young people.   -These are the books which will stand the test of time and are deserving of recognition through Literary Classics Children's and Young Adult Book Awards and the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.