"My middle grade adventure novel The Secret of the Sacred Scarab was a Winner of the Gold Award Mystery Pre-Teen 2011 Children’s Literary Classics Awards.  The prestige attached to winning gold is enormous and did much to catapult my book into the ''recognized'' status we all seek for our work. Although my book was already in print, I had yet to release the e-book. When I did, I was able to add the award details to my e-book.-
I think the kudos attached to winning definitely have benefited me as a writer and indicated that my book has achieved a very high standard of excellence."

~ 2011 Literary Classics GOLD Award Winning Author, 
Fiona Ingram, Johannesburg, South Africa
"Being an award winning author has made a huge difference in promoting my work. Displaying the awards on my website and blog (including the links to CLC with the reviews and awards) has also helped. The awards are noticed immediately. 

To receive such prestigious awards from a reputable company has made my books very competitive among other books.  Paperback book sales have increased dramatically. Large orders, through Amazon, and expanded distribution sites
have been anywhere from 12-28 books at a time. I can only assume these orders were from book stores or classrooms."

~ 2011 Literary Classics GOLD Award Winning Author, 
KC Hilton, Harrodsburg, Kentucky U.S.A.

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Young Adult Book. 
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"I am grateful to Literary Classics for providing authors with the opportunity to showcase their work. The exposure and recognition that come with being an award-winning author have opened numerous opportunities for me. It is much easier to market a 
novel that has won awards, so I encourage  all authors to consider submitting their work."

~2012 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author, PHC Marchesi, Flagstaff, Arizona U.S.A.
"Winning the Literary Classics International Book awards has made a boost in my business. It is my second Gold Medal and because of that I was hired to do a speaking engagement at a local university. It adds so much credibility to my book and my business."

~2013 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author
Jenée Dana, Mililani, Hawaii U.S.A.
"Being recognized by Literary Classics has been a marvelous experience and has helped my book reach a larger audience. In fact, it led to television appearances and wider publicity. It is an excellent award to have."

~2013 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author
Dr. Michele Elliott, St. Petersburg, Florida U.S.A.
"Winning a Literary Classics award has not only increased my novel's credibility, but has managed to stir greater interest in me as an author. Hats off to a great organization who fights for and believes in the written word!"

~2014 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author Robin Donaruma, Granger, Indiana U.S.A.

~2014 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author
2014 Words on Wings Top Honors Award Recipient 
Melanie Schwapp, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
"Dew Angels was my first novel, and after being turned down by many of the traditional publishing houses, I decided to bite the bullet and self-publish. Of course, the thought that the book was turned down because it might not have been good enough was one which caused me a lot of trepidation.  But as the book was more and more favorably received by readers, I gained a little more confidence in its worth and decided to enter it in the Literary Classics Book Awards. The first thing that gave me the greatest boost was the comprehensive and positive review that Literary Classics gave to Dew Angels. Then, a few months later, when I heard I'd been awarded the Words on Wings Top Honors Book Award for young adult fiction I remember shaking with joy as I informed my family. My book was really meaningful to readers!!! 
After the local Jamaican papers printed the press release, I received many calls and emails from individuals, bookstores and fairs wanting copies.  I even had people telling me that now that they knew the book was great for young adults, they needed copies for Christmas gifts. It has been such a fulfilling experience as a first time novelist to be assured that I am doing something right." 
"I've enjoyed discovering Literary Classics. There's nothing like a love of good literature to attract my attention and it's wonderful to see organisations supporting authors who aren't with one of the big publishers. It's nice that some believe in giving the little people a voice."

~2014 Literary Classics  SILVER Award Winning Author 
Lynne Stringer, Queensland, Australia
"I love what CLC means to the readership that follows my books. When I tell prospective readers about my book, having that seal on the cover really helps to establish the credibility of the book. People immediately become intrigued and offer themselves to listen to my pitch for why they should give my book a try." 

~2014 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author
Braxton A. Cosby, Georgia, U.S.A.
 Literary Classics seeks to bring communities together and make it easy to find quality literature. I feel highly privileged to be among such esteemed company and cannot thank them enough for this opportunity."
"Perhaps the best part of working with Literary Classics is the level of transparency and professionalism they display on a regular basis. All communications are timely and relevant and they are very honest about their process and what they are looking for.

~2015 Literary Classics  GOLD Award Winning Author
Lincoln Cole, Ohio, U.S.A.
"Winning a Literary Classics book award is a very high honor that has placed my book in a class of excellence that readers respect."

~2015 Literary Classics  SILVER Award Winning Author
Diane Mae Robinson, Alberta, Canada
"Winning the gold medal award with Literary Classics has helped my book tremendously. People see it now; it’s not just another book anymore. Getting people to read my book was hard, but now having a gold medal… people want to read it!"

~2015 Literary Classics  
GOLD Award Winning Author
Ashley Hotter, Montana, U.S.A.

~2015, 2016 & 2017 
 Award Winning Author
 K.B. Hoyle, Alabama, U.S.A.
"We feel deeply honored to receive this huge vote of confidence from an organization comprised of professionals in the publishing industry that helps promote excellence in children's literature. It has definitely helped to make our book more visible among the many millions of books published each year. As an author who has self-published, I've found the support and guidance provided by Literary Classics to be enormously helpful and reassuring. Thank you!"

~2015 Literary Classics  
GOLD Award Winning Author Kate Larkinson
& Photographer Steve Larkinson
Queensway, Gibraltar

~2016 Literary Classics  
GOLD Award Winning Author 
Edward Parr, Maryland, U.S.A.

"I’ve really enjoyed working with the Literary Classics organization and have enormous respect for their process and results. From their helpful website to their clear communications, from submission to celebration, Literary Classics provide a great service to writers and readers alike."
"Literary Classics has been a powerful inspiration for my writing. Knowing my stories have been seen by others in a thoughtful context encourages me to continue my story-telling, and to learn and grow from the excellence of others’ works. The experience has been wholly enriching.  

I have great respect for Literary Classics as a proponent of literature."
​Literary Classics Award Winning Author
~2015 SILVER
~2016 GOLD 
Wim Baren, Virginia, U.S.A.

"Winning the [LIterary Classics] awards has been a wonderful and fruitful experience for me.  Some of the benefits since receiving the awards include the ability to place 'award-winning author' on the cover of my books along with the image of the medals, the ability to interact with other award-winning authors in my genre as well as other genres, and to get in touch with and eventually work with my very first editor, as well as noticeable increased sales.  

This came through a meet and greet we had at the awards celebration. I have since teamed up with another author I met at the event a few months ago and we will be attending a horse expo together in Denver. She writes middle grade fiction about horses and I write children's books about a quarter horse. This is a perfect partnership that would not have happened if it weren't for the awards and the meet and greet. I see us working together on many future endeavors. 

I would say to anyone on the fence about submitting their book that it is a great opportunity for you as an author and you never know what will come by putting yourself out there (which can be difficult). I am forever grateful for Literary Classics and the wonderful people that work there.​​"

~2016 Literary Classics  
SILVER Award Winning Author
~2015 Literary Classics GOLD Award Winning Author
Gary Scogin, Texas, U.S.A.
"Since my 4th 'Whimsy Wood' children's book, titled 'Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party', won the Chapter Book category in the Literary Classics Book Awards in October 2017, I have been fortunate enough to gain an agent. My 35-book, award-winning 'Whimsy Wood' children's series is currently being pitched to major TV networks for development into a brand new animated children's TV series! Fingers crossed! "​

~2016 Literary Classics  
GOLD Award Winning Author
Sarah Hill, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
"My novel, In the Heart of a Mustang, received the Gold Medal Award from Literary Classics in 2016. The support CLC gave me and my book did not stop with the beautiful seal to add to my cover, however. As an award winner, they continued to support me by creating a beautiful meme with a quote from my book, with emails that included marketing suggestions, and with a press release that I used to put into the Denver Post. 
I attended the award ceremony held in Las Vegas and enjoyed discussing marketing ideas at the round table with other authors, attending the formal ceremony and reception the next day, and signing books at the Vegas Valley Book festival. I have received numerous awards from various organizations but none of them have offered me the support that I have received from CLC!"

~2016 Literary Classics  
GOLD Award Winning Author
MJ Evans, Colorado, U.S.A.

~2016 Literary Classics  
 SILVER Award Winning Author
 Sherrill S. Cannon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
"Winning the Literary Classics International awards for 2016 Best Historical Nonfiction and Best Nonfiction Series for my five-book Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaska history series has been wonderful. The local CBS affiliate in Anchorage picked up on the story and spread the news to many towns in Alaska, which led to several new orders for my books and speaking engagements. Thank you, Literary Classics!"

~2016 Literary Classics  
 GOLD Award Winning Author
 Laurel Downing Bill, Alaska, U.S.A.
"My gold medal from Literary Classics Book Awards has given added credibility and stature to my novel, Jacqueline. I've had experiences with other award programs, but none can compare with the professionalism and quality of Literary Classics. From beginning to end, this organization is a real winner!"

~2016 Literary Classics  
 GOLD Award Winning Author
Jackie Minniti, Florida, U.S.A.
"Winning a Gold Medal from CLC for Greg’s First Adventure in Time changed how I think about my writing. I always wanted to be a writer, but six books later I had begun to doubt my abilities. Sales came sporadically at best, and past the first flurry about my venture into middle grade fiction, I had just about decided to go back to nonfiction full time. I didn’t even remember entering the book in the contest when the announcement of the finalists arrived on 1 June. As I waited from 1 June 1 to 1 July’s announcement of the awards, my confidence grew. Someone had recognized that I possessed at least some talent. I worked hard each day writing Greg’s Third 

~2016 Literary Classics  
 GOLD Award Winning Author
 C.M. Huddleston, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Adventure in Time. That bit of praise spilled over into my nonfiction work as well. What did I get from winning a Gold Medal from CLC? Self confidence. Sometimes the best prize of all is just that bit of recognition for doing a good job at what you love most to do. I love writing. I think I’ll keep going."
Literary Classics stands out as an enterprise that doesn’t just “take” from authors. Rather, it gives back—and it does so in the most meaningful way: it recognizes compelling stories, excellently told. When an author earns the Literary Classics Seal of Approval, she knows her work met stringent standards, meticulously applied. When she places in the Literary Classics contest, she can be confident that her work stood out from the crowd.

~ 2016 Literary Classics  
SILVER Award Winning Author
~2015 Literary Classics GOLD Award Winning Author
Patricia Reding, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Having won a Literary Classics GOLD medal for Oathtaker, and a SILVER medal for Select, I’ve gained enormous confidence. Not only can I place the beautiful Seal of Approval and awards emblems on my books, but I can also identify myself as an “award-winning author.” (What an honor!) But Literary Classics goes much further. With events scheduled around its annual awards ceremony, authors have the chance to meet and mingle, share resources, learn more about their craft, and attend book shows, signings, and readings. These times of connecting with one another, as well as with current and prospective readers, make all the work worthwhile. I am indebted to Literary Classics and extend to everyone there, my sincerest thanks!
"I cannot speak more highly of Literary Classics International Book Awards and Reviews! Since winning Silver with them in 2015 and Gold in 2016, my career has taken a noted upturn. I am now able to schedule more and better speaking engagements, schools and libraries are more interested in stocking my books, and my network of professional connections has vastly increased. Having an award seal on my books has validated my writing in the eyes of so many who might otherwise have been skeptical, and I know it will continue to benefit me for years to come. Thank you, Literary Classics!"