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What's the Difference between the International Awards and the Top Honors Awards?
There are over numerous categories in which authors may submit their books for consideration in the Literary Classics International Book Awards Program.  The Top Honors Awards are more specific.  Only four categories, and only four authors will be honored annually in these exclusive Top Honors Awards for children's and young adult literature.  You might compare the Enchanted Page Book Award to the widely recognized and world renowned Caldecott Book Awards, and the Eloquent Quill Book Award is similar in nature to the Newbery Award.  The Lumen Award for Literary Excellence was added to our lineup of Top Honors Awards to honor a nonfiction book in Children's and Young Adult Literature and the Words on Wings award was created to honor Young Adult Fiction.

How do you review and judge the books submitted to Literary Classics?
Our book reviewers and judges use a judging rubric to help ensure that each book is rated based upon the same expectations and guidelines.  This rubric is based upon a point value scale.  Books which meet or exceed a level of excellence on our rating scale are eligible to receive the CLC Seal of Approval; and when entered into the awards, are also able to move on to the next step for consideration in the Literary Classics Book Awards. 

How long will it take before I hear back on my book review?
We do our best to complete reviews as quickly as possible.  Our busiest time is between March and June when our award entries take priority.  

I submitted my book for a review, but never heard back from Literary Classics. 
We cannot guarantee your book will be reviewed. We do our best, but due to the volume of submissions some books may not receive a review.  

Am I guaranteed a review if my book is entered in the book award program?
All books submitted for the CLC International Book Awards and the CLC Top Honors Book Awards program are first sent to our review department.  However, we only publish reviews of books which qualify to be a finalist in the awards. 

My award entry received the CLC Seal of Approval.  Does that mean I've qualified for the awards?
Yes!  Only entries which receive the CLC Seal of Approval will be considered for the Literary Classics International and CLC Top Honors Book Awards.

How common is it to receive a Seal of Approval from a free book review?
Review submissions do not have any more or less chance of receiving our Seal of Approval. We use the same judging rubric for reviews as we do for our awards program. So the scale is the same.

Will you notify me that my book review submission has been received?
Due to the volume of books we receive for reviews, we do not send out notifications of receipt for book review submissions.

Will you notify me that my book review has been published?
Yes, we will send you a notification along with links to any pages where your book review is posted.

Will you notify me when my book award entry has been received?
Yes, we do send confirmation of all book award entries received physically into our office.  If you have not received a confirmation email within two weeks of the expected arrival date, please feel free to contact us to ensure your book has arrived safely.

Will I be notified if my book is an award recipient?
Yes, see our timeline for award announcement dates.  All award entrants will be notified of the finalist list as soon as it becomes public.  --When final awards and levels are named, a notice will be sent to all award entrants.

Is it OK for me to use Literary Classics Book Award images and logos on my website to promote my Seal of Approval, Literary Classics Book Award, or Top Honors Book Award?
Yes, by all means, please feel free to use any logos which correspond wiith your award level to promote your book as an honoree through Literary Classics.  You may download book award seal images from our media/press page.  Or you may contact us for additional images

I have a blog which I use to help authors promote their books.  May I link to your website?
Yes, we are happy to have you link to our site to let authors know about our international book awards, top honors book awards and book reviews.  

What's the best way for me to ship my books when sending them in for the book award program?
We recommend using a trackable shipping method which does not require a signature.  Also, please make sure your books are securely wrapped in a durable package.  Boxes or Poly mailers are often best for shipping books.  --Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes through the US Postal System work great as well. Media Mail is also an option (Just remember if you are sending close to the final entry deadline Media Mail can take quite a bit longer and may cause your books to arrive after the final entry deadline).  We do not recommend shipping books in manilla envelopes, which often arrive torn or damaged.  --You'd be surprised at the condition in which many book submissions arrive.  Please make every effort to ensure your book award or review entry arrives fully intact.

I would like to contact one of your award winning authors for an interview, can you share their contact information with me?
We cannot release any author's information; but we are happy to forward a message to any author so they may respond if they are interested in doing so.

Do you have any recommendations for Book Cover Designers?
Yes, Wildflower Press is very reasonably priced and offers a book cover design questionnaire which helps ensure you'll get exactly what you're looking for in a book cover.  Their professional covers are dynamic and eye-catching . . . they have even won a number of awards for many of their cover designs. -You may visit their website for more information.

Does Literary Classics offer book critiques?
We do not offer critiques.  However, Wildflower Press is a book publishing company which we personally recommend.  Their book critiques are very reasonably priced and we believe you'll be pleased with their professional recommendations. 

What's the Difference between Literary Classics and Children's Literary Classics?
We are one and the same.  When Children's Literary Classics first came into being, we were asked to review mostly children's picture books.  But as the scope of our organization grew, so did the variety of books submitted.  It soon became clear to us that Young Adults might not be thrilled to read a book labeled a "children's award winning book".  Both names apply and both hold true, but we now refer to ourselves as Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews.

Staff Picks
Our reviewers come from all around the country and are involved in publishing through a variety of venues. As such, they have access to a multitude of books and book outlets. In an effort to seek out the best in children's and young adult literature, our staff will occasionally select a title they have encountered which they believe is worthy of consideration. In doing this, we hope to introduce our readers to up-and-coming authors and obscure titles which might otherwise go un-noticed.  
-If Literary Classics has contacted you to inform you that your book is a staff pick, consider yourself fortunate. Think of it as a bit of magic fairy dust we like to shower upon unsuspecting authors in an effort to create joy and happiness. We do not solicit recommendations for staff picks, and our selection process is quite random. So sit back, and enjoy the accolades.  

How can I become a reviewer for Literary Classics?
We are always on the lookout for lovers of literature who are interested in helping us provide quality book reviews for Literary Classics.  If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for Literary Classics you may complete our application which may be viewed here.

Does it really make a difference to have an award seal on my book?
Yes! Award seals help sell books. When retail book buyers, librarians and the general consumer are choosing a book, it is a proven fact that a book bearing an award seal is more likely to be chosen over a book without an award seal. As a Seal of Approval recipient, Literary Classics Gold, Silver, or Top Honors Book Award recipient, you may adorn your book with our high quality, easily recognizable award seals. As one of the world's most widely respected international award programs for children's literature, your award winning book will earn the recognition it deserves.  But don't just take our word for it.  Check out testimonials from some of our award winning authors here.

How can receiving a book award help promote my book?
Literary Classics was created to help promote your book through our highly respected book reviews and awards. When you submit your book it will first be reviewed and considered for our recommended reading list through the Literary Classics Seal of Approval program before being forwarded to our awards department. Award winning books are promoted through press releases, author spotlights, at book festivals and more. Award seals are available to all Seal of Approval and Book Award recipients. Award winning authors are invited to attend our annual book awards ceremony, book signings, author receptions and more. To learn how Literary Classics Book Awards have helped authors further their literary endeavors visit our author testimonial page

As a Seal of Approval Recipient will I be invited to attend the awards ceremony?
At this time, only gold, silver and Top Honors (Enchanted Page, Eloquent Quill, Lumen & Words on Wings) award recipients are invited to attend the annual award presentation.  

How is the Seal of Approval different from CLC International and Top Honors Awards?
The Seal of Approval is extended to books which receive a high score on our judging rubric during the initial review process.  Only books which receive our Seal of Approval are eligible to move on to the next step in the awards program.

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